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Jewelry that is never removed has been part of human history since the beginning of time. It's symbolic of one's life story, family, friends, or a romance; a unique way to carry your special and forever relationships with you or celebrate an occasion of significance in your life - birthday, marriage, anniversary, graduation, retirement and more.

Exclusively available for private events, experience our new seamless, welded, permanent jewelry - the ultimate statement of friendship and love. If you're simply looking to never lose a bracelet again, you're in the right place. Welded bracelets are the perfect solution for effortless and no-fuss wear. There is no clasp, so you never need to worry about taking it on or off, or a clasp coming undone. Bring yourself, a friend, or a loved one and select from 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chains to create your custom welded bracelet.

What to expect during your appointment

Delicate 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver chain is custom sized and cut to ensure it fits you perfectly. The chain is permanently welded closed with a quick spark or weld that takes seconds, creating a seamless jewelry piece.

Although the weld is "permanent", if the bracelet should ever need to be removed, it can be done by cutting the chain with a pair of scissors. There is always an option to have it re-welded or add a clasp to it for a small fee.

Select your chain

Choose from our carefully curated selection of 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Chains

Choose your gem

Add a gemstone charm (or more) to truly make your permanent jewelry unique to you. Or, skip the charm to keep it classic and simple.

Get sized

Completely custom to you, the chain is cut at your desire fit and feel.

Get Sparked

Your chain is welded permanently closed with a quick spark, and you're finished.

Chain Menu

Choose from our curated selection* of 14k Gold, 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Chains.

*subject to availability

Add on charms


Customize your permanent jewelry even more with an optional, handcrafted charm.

Ready to get sparked?

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Does it hurt?

No! It's quick and completely painless.

What additional customizations are available?

Our chain menu is unisex and features 14k Gold Filled and Sterling Silver chains. Customize your bracelet even further by adding on a small, handmade gemstone charm of your choice for an additional fee.

What if I change my mind once the bracelet is welded?

All permanent jewelry is final sale. It cannot be exchanged or refunded.

What if I need to remove my welded jewelry?

Should you need to remove your welded bracelet for any reason, it can be done with a pair of scissors at home or we can remove it at our store for you. We only use chain that can be easily cut. Once cut you have it re-welded or attach a clasp for a small fee.

What about airport security and diagnostic imaging? Will it cause a problem?

Dainty, semi-fine jewelry in our experience does not set off a metal detector, can be worn hassle free through security and does not need to be removed.

In the rare case you must remove your permanent jewelry for a x-ray, MRI or CT scan, gently cut the chain with scissors to remove. Store the chain away safely until you are ready to have it re-welded or come visit us to have a clasp added.

Is it really permanent?

The chain can be cut with scissors, but the actual weld under normal, everyday wear is permanent. Everyone's lifestyle is different and therefore we cannot guarantee that excessive pulling or torque on our chains will not cause it to break.

How did you decide to offer Permanent Jewelry?

Sarah has been designing and creating jewelry since 2012 and believes welded jewelry is a natural extension of her designs and brand. She is excited to offer a unique, beautiful experience to her Winnipeg customers. Already designing a vast collection of dainty 14k gold filled pieces with hand-selected gemstones, it couldn't be a more perfect fit.

Over the past few years, Sarah has extensively researched permanent jewelry, and how she could integrate it into her collection of designs. With her expert curation skills, incredible attention to the details, you are in the best hands possible!

How can I book a private event?

Yes we can! Permanent jewelry is the perfect experience for wedding parties, celebrating a birthday, graduations, corporate or special employee events and more. If you are interested in booking a group of 5 or more, a special event or occasion, or a specific time and day please send an email to for more availability and information.

Anything else I should know?

We use a special shielding gas for all welds. It ensures your weld stands the test of time and is extremely strong. Without it, welds will become brittle and break. It also prevents oxidization of the metal, and ensures the cleanest, shiniest weld possible.

You will also need to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from the light of the small welding spark. We provide these for you.