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Materials & design

Our pieces are designed with natural materials in mind using semi-precious gemstones, 14k gold filled and 22k gold plated or sterling silver. With a style that is minimalistic, feminine, and everyday, Sarah's designs are inspired by her time spent living in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia. 


Sarah Cameron Jewelry began in Vancouver through Sarah's natural passion for creating pieces she wanted to wear. Designing with sophistication and simplicity, Sarah is passionate about her vision, creative direction and the details of each piece. Her designs are handmade, fresh, timeless and thoughtfully curated. 

About Sarah

Sarah works out of her private studio in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. She designs each piece with incredible care, attention to quality, and hand selects all gemstones used in her pieces. Her interest and fascination with gemstones began at an early age - combing that with her love of details, photography, creativity and design led her to developing her own jewelry line and brand. When not designing jewelry, Sarah can be found at the lake with her husband, son and family dog duke.